Arthur Kroschel

Mons [Le Manège] Oct 29 - 15:00


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+ Biography

Artur Kroschel was born in 1973 in Szamotuły (Poland). He graduated from the Academy of Music in Poznań with distinction, where he studied composition in Jan Astriab’s class. He studied electronic music with Lidia Zielińska. In 1999 he got a scholarship of the Polish Ministry of Culture and Arts and in 2000 he received the Davidoff Young Composers Award. He took part in International Courses of Contemporary Music “Kraków-Stuttgart” in Cracow and in International Workshops of Multimedia Art in Skoki (Poland).
Kroschel has been given a number of awards and honourables mentions: First Prize at the Composers Competition 9th Silesian Days of Contemporary Music in Katowice (2000), Prize at the 3rd International Forum for Young Composers in Chalon-sur-Saône in France (2004) Third Prize at the Composition Contest X. Weimarer Frühjahrstage für zeitgenössische Musik (2009), the Adam Didur Composers Competition in Sanok (2000), the Tadeusz Baird Young Composers Competition in Warsaw (2002).
Artur Kroschel’s compositions have been performed at many festivals and concerts, among others at the Poznań Music Spring, the Musica Polonica Nova in Wrocław, the Warsaw Autumn, the International Contemporary Chamber Music Competition in Cracow, the Gaudeamus Music Week in Amsterdam, Dresdener Tage der zeitgenössischen Musik, the Aspekte in Salzburg, Weimarer Frühjahrstage für zeitgenössische Musik, the Festival Morelia Nueva Musica in Mexico, at numerous concerts of contemporary music in Paris, London, Rome, Naples, Barcelona, Munich and in USA. In 2005 he composed a piece for the closing concert of the project “Kulturjahr der Zehn”, which took place in the Kammermusiksaal der Philharmonie Berlin. In the same year he was invited to the project “Labyrinthmaker Platform 2007”.
His pieces have been performed by Ensemble Aleph, Sinfonietta Leipzig conducted by Johannes Harneit, Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien, Warehouse Ensemble conducted by Edwin Roxburgh, an_Arche NewMusicEnsemble, Symphony Orchestra of Poznań Philharmonic conducted by Marek Pijarowski, Symphony Orchestra of Jenaer Philharmonie conducted by Markus L. Frank.
In 2001-2002 Artur Kroschel was the secretary of the Polish Composers’ Union circle of young composers. Presently he is Vice-President of the Poznan’s PCU branch. In 2009 he was given award of the Rector of the Academy of Music in Poznań. In 2010 he was given a distinction “Zasłużony dla Kultury Polskiej” of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.
He has a PhD in Musical Arts from Wrocław Academy of Music and he teaches at the Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań.
Kroschel’s list of works includes orchestral compositions, chamber music, solo pieces and electronic music.

Works performed at the WMD2012 Festival.

+ Work

Fracture for 6 instruments has one movement, but is developed in three phases. The second one is a kind of concentration of the first one. The third fragment is slow and has thinner texture. These phases are chained in a special way, not at the principle of contrast, but fluently, gently. In some of my last compositions I experiment with my own “technique of breaking down the beginning”. The idea of this “technique” is that “the most intense sound” is at the beginning of the piece, and further, this initial structure is breaking down, crumbling or atomizing and is shown in various coloristic depictions. In the piece Fracture I apply my “technique”, but in a new way. At the beginning there are almost all “sorts of sounds” presented which appear in the course of the piece. There are the various “sound objects” which appear simultaneously as tutti, and are “shown” later in different combinations of instrumentation, coloristic variants (articulation, dynamics, register etc.). In case of this piece, “the most intense sound” doesn’t appear at the beginning, but almost all “sorts of sounds” appear later. The application of this technique I could compare to a deconstruction of a building in case to see what the components are.
The piece Fracture was composed for Warehouse Ensemble Composition Project. First performance took place 19th June 2007 in London, played by Warehouse Ensemble conducted by Edwin Roxburgh.